Monday, May 31, 2010

Greetings from Saaremaa

Im here and its absolutely a d o r a b l e! The weather is so fine, people are warm and coffee is still strong :)
Me and Heleri answered some questions about our wonderful project and hopefully next week (one of the biggest Saaremaa's daily newspaper) "Meie Maa" will publish a little article where we announce who, where, when and why are doing it - so stay tuned!

But in the meantime - a lil escape to show how cool are the women from Saaremaa.

My mom caught two porgys, first fishing this year :)

Take care!

Road trip in Saaremaa

Hi all,

Here is a picture and a list of places what we will visit in 26th august

I: Centre
B: The Kaali crater
C: Goodkaarma soap farm
D: Ostrich farm
E: Maasi Fort
F: The Panga Coast
G: Karujärv ( Bearlake)
H: The peninsula of Sõrve