Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project: “One World - Our World!” by Saaremaa Seiklejad approved by Estonian national agency!

Dates: 20. - 29. August 2010
Location: Saaremaa, Estonia
Partners: Estonia, Latvia, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria and Italy.
Theme: World education and global awareness
Description:   Project “One World – Our World!” takes place in Estonia from 20th to 29th of August 2010 on the island of Saaremaa and brings together 32 young people from Estonia, Slovenia, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Latvia. The main aim of the project is to discuss topics related to world education and global awareness which include: the impact of media and connection to global awareness, fighting against discrimination, racism and xenophobia, environmental awareness and sustainable development, human trafficking, fair trade and life on different continents (countries). We work together to get to know more about these important topics and try to find solutions how to get more people interested in these problems which have (in)direct effect on all of us. For that we also communicate with local people on the island of Saaremaa and find what is important for them, locally and globally. We also develop our own group. Together we find our differences and similarities and get over cultural barriers. We develop the understanding of common European citizenship and common future, where are no discrimination or xenophobia.
We also work on a photo exhibition, which concentrates on the topic of global awareness and on the outcomes of our project. This is our way to make ourselves and our ideas visible and get people thinking about global problems and what they could do to be more aware and maybe also get involved.

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