Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slovenian group

Well, I see that I'll have to be the first of the groups to write something :)
My name is Bojan and I'm a representative for a Slovenian group, that will join the project on Saaremaa island in August. We are all a part of a "Youth center Kotlovnica" that is located in a town Kamnik, 25 kilimeters north from a capital Ljubljana. We are a group of young energic people and we hope to find some related people from other parts of Europe, to exchange our experiences, learn something new and have fun with new friends.
The world education is a huge subject so there will be a lot of things that we can discuss about. We have choose to present a subject about media education. Each of us is somehow conected with some kind of media so we know few about how to use media in daily life and how to interprete it correctly. We will bring some examples and topics that we can discuss about and of course, you will also take part in our presentation :).
Anyway, that's not the only thing we'll talk about :) The Slovenian evening will give you a picture of our small country. You'll be able to see, hear and try things, that are tipical for our culture. We'll have fun, that's for sure...
Now, let us know something about yourself. We can't wait to start the project.
Greeting from all of us...
Bojan, Andrej, Austra, Iztok, Klara, Živa

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