Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 4th day of Global awareness and lot of energizers :)

Tere, everyone!

This day started with the review of Profile day around Sareemaa. Every team has made a good job,more about experience @day3 post.

In first part Greek workshop about political, immigration short - about problems with neighbors. Each group came up with serious arguments, it was kind of aware of different problems and situations in each of participating country.Valuable.

The main point of the day - meeting with the mayor of Kuressaree.Great lady. Goshi admired Kuressaree municipality's great comunication with Youth council, he admired it twice :D in addition everybody admired it in their own language! Kuressaree will have very imaginary, fantastic future. It going to bee COOL to have so COOL neighborhood.

There is a saying - idea comes from doing and it also comes from Latvian workshop :)
In the 2nd day we were standing out the main issues about Global awareness, today we talked and made theater about 5 of them.
The actings were great, so creative. Performances were well-thought-out.

Energy. Games. Acting.

See You tomorrow!


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