Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 6 in beautiful Saaremaa

Unfortunately the day started earlier than usual as we were meeting an Estonian representative of the European parliament at 9 o’clock. Then event took place in the school next to our hostel. The meeting was very interesting and helped us to understand the Estonian position in the EU. Thanks to our Estonian friends we learned new facts about how the EU parliament is working and what is the decision making process.

After that we had to prepare for something unknown for us. They took us on bus trip round the island of Saaremaa. First we went to an eco farm where the owners are producing organic soap.

The owner told us about the new generation of eco business that he and his wife do.

After some of us bought some gift and made a lot of photos we headed for a lake which was actually formed by a meteoroid.

It was an interesting fact that it is almost 20 meters depth. And it was full of fish.

At noon we went to Orissare to have lunch. After that they took us to an amazing place that none of us thought that it could exist at the island of Saaremaa. It was an ostrich farm where we found not only ostriches but also ponies, emus and believe or not but kangaroos. We spent our time there feeding the ostriches and the other animals and each of us hold for a while an ostrich egg.

Our next stop was the highest place on the island. The scenery was lovely as we were at the end of the world – in front of us it was only the endless blue sea and the island behind us. The view was breathtaking. At the highest point there was a sun watch where many people put a coin with the hope that one day they will return there.

After that we departed to the southest point of Saaremaa. On our way we stopped to see one of the symbols of the island - three windmills. They were quite fascinating and we explored them the from inside.

We crossed the whole island to reach another symbol of Saaremaa – a lighthouse. Next to it there was a lovely restaurant where we had our dinner.

Our last stop was Triin’s hostel nearby. There we met some local young people. Katrin showed us how wonderful she can play the piano. Then we played some energizers outside but because of the enormous mosquitoes we had to move to the gym. The visit ended with an international basketball match. All participants we winnersJ

Finally at 23 o’clock exhausted we arrived at our lovely town of Kuressare.

It was a really unforgettable day – 26th August 2010!

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