Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 1 in Estonia

Hi, we are the Bulgarian group represented by Goergi Laskov, Nikolay Vasilev, Zhaneta Georgieva, Kristyan Dimov and Georgi Arnaudov and we are very happy to say the first day was very successful and inspiring.We loved it!
We hope that active youth from Saaremaa will help us with our project and that we'll meet lots of interesnig people here.

Sleepy morning:
All the groups started to get to know each other. The morning energizers were pure fun and extremely helpful in order to remember our names.

The main event of the day was really an Amazing Race - we got the chance to meet local citisens and pretty young people. We told them who we are and YIA programme is. The idea was not only sightseeing, but also to inform youth and most importantly to give them the chance to win a great trip to Brussels. We were devided on international groups and socialized with local people in different languages.
The city sights are awesome - a cool medieval castle,a nice beach, lovely people, many tourists, great architecture, a huge windmill and luckily couple of weddings :D - this is good fortune in Bulgaria.

Yaaammy Food's cool. Nice lodging, Zhaneta loves the bathrooms and the people she meets inside.Only Krisyan need more food,cuz he's still developing :]
Us Bulgarians liked the party atmosphere mixed with serious work. Smart gave us new phone cards, we got cool T'-shirts and a secret gift from Amor ;P
End of the day and the beginning of the night - bars and discos just for Bulgarians

As a whole the day was terrific !!!

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